What is a natural gemstone ?
A natural gemstone is a gemstone that was neither tainted nor irradiated or treated with resins or solvents. These treatments are aggressive and unstable and must be reported when applied to the gems. We ensure that the color and the brightness of your gems are natural. When we choose the gems, the first question we ask our suppliers is : is this gem treated ? If the answer is yes, we give up the gem. Fortunately there are still many beautiful natural gems, such as Nature created them !
What are the real size of the gemstones ?
All gemstones in the application on the iPad and iPhone are represented with their actual size. If you own an iPad mini, the gemstones will be about 25% smaller than their actual size. For information, the largest gemstone measure 9 mm and the smallest 2 mm.
Where do the gemstones come from ?
Our gemstones come from several countries : India, Brazil, Madagascar, Canada … Our supplier selects and cut the gemstones in India. He supports his country through various concrete actions, medical, educational, and economic.
Where do the symbolic gemstones come from ?
Since millennia the gemstones have their own symbolic. Each stone was supposed to have specific powers, virtues associated with legends of its origins, but also its color. Some date back to ancient Greek, which transcribe a much older oral tradition. The virtues attributed to gems are the witness of our fascination for their mysterious beauty, a universal cultural heritage …
The gemstones on my jewelry are slightly different from those of the application, why ?
Each gemstone is unique, both in its tone and its size. Our gemstones beads are hand cut from rough stones that contain multiple shades of the same color. Each bead, even if it comes from a single rough stone will be different. There will never be two completely identicalgems ! The beads are tiny works of art ! We ensure that our gems meet our criteria in their colors and their sizes are as close as possible to those in the application.
Where do the sterling silver come from ?
Our suppliers are French,German and Austrian. Our sterling silver complies with European standards and his title is guaranteed.
The color of the silver on my jewel is changing, why ?
Silver is a precious metal that may oxidize over time. It is due to contact with air and may be enhanced by sweating, and components in our cosmetics products. If you must keep your jewelry in the shower, although this is not recommended, be sure to rinse them, soap and shower gel can accumulate in the links in the chain and seriously tarnish their shine.
How to take care of my gemstones ?
To help you preserve the shine of your jewels, you will find our advices here : Gemstones
Which size to choose ?
The size of all bracelets and necklaces are adjustable:

  • Bracelets go from 16 cm to 18.5 cm
  • Necklaces go from 43 cm to 46 cm.
  • The length of your earrings will depend on the gemstones. It will vary between 4 cm and 6 cm.
What if my jewel breaks ?

Do not panic, keep all the pieces and send us an e-mail explaining the situation to the following address: contact@coeurdejeu.com. We will respond as soon as possible.

Can I return my jewel if it does not please me?
Your jewel is custom made. We recommend you to take your time before you order your jewels, because once you place your order, we unfortunately can neither exchange nor refund, according to the Article of Law No. 121-20, mentioned in the terms of sale.
How will my jewel be delivered ?
We chose to offer you free delivery with La Poste. We will send you by email the number that allows you to track your package on the website of La Poste. You will receive your jewel individually packed in its case, in with its symbolic gems cards.
How long will it take to receive my order ?
The delivery time is indicated in your cart. We will notify you by email when we will send your order. Feel free to give us feedback, each note will help us to improve our services!