Giving a piece of jewellery to the woman in your life, as the perfect gift? Not always that easy…

Already trailed around from shop to shop, through shopping centres, or on the net aiming to find that perfect piece of jewellery for the woman in your life? All that while feeling that, no matter what you choose, it may not be to her taste?

Les modèles de bijoux Coeur de Gemme en argent 925

The perfect jewel

The perfect piece of jewellery is a message of love, a unique message that comes from the heart, and that no one else can write on your behalf!

We have thought up Coeur de Gem to allow you to focus on what’s important, thinking about a unique message and conveying it through a precious piece of jewellery, which also happens to be one-of-a-kind!

Un bijou comme cadeau idéal


Human cultures have always given semi-precious and ornamental stones their own symbolism. Pink Tourmaline embodies love, Aquamarine sincerity, etc.

We have gathered together 25 symbols allowing you to compose your message. Each instance of symbolism can be chosen on its own or associated with another one: amongst many other associations, self-confidence is conveyed through Black Garnet, creativity through Lapis Lazuli.

A piece of jewellery crafted around your message

The app offers you a set of jewellery including three suggestions for the pieces of jewellery themselves, crafted with gemstones associated with the symbolism you would like to portray. Satisfied with your creation? Now you can order it directly through the app. It will be crafted in France remaining true to jewellery making traditions, and you will receive it in three to five working days.

Included inside the box it arrives in are the cards associated with the symbolism you have chosen. They are blank at the back, so that you can write your message of love on them!

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