Privacy Policy

Handling of Personal Data

Through these Terms and Conditions, the CUSTOMER authorises the Company to collect, process and use nominative data relating to them. The Personal Data is only intended for use and storage by the Company.

Any Personal Data collected about a particular Customer is required for processing the order and monitoring business relations with the Company. Failure on the part of the CUSTOMER to provide this Personal Data means that the Company is unable to process their order.


When using the APPLICATION, information relating to the customer’s navigation may be recorded in files installed on their device (Cookies). Cookies can in particular allow for the compiling of statistics relating to the APPLICATION in terms of usage, visits, recording of information submitted through forms, etc. The CUSTOMER can configure their device in such a way so as to deactivate cookies. However, any configuration in this manner is likely to modify certain modes of use of the APPLICATION and, in particular, restrict its use.

The data collected automatically (through cookies, etc.) may be used for technical and statistical purposes.

Social networks

The APPLICATION uses and/or is likely to use plug-ins from the Facebook social network, and other social networks (Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

In this context, when the USER uses the APPLICATION likely to contain a plug-in, their browser establishes a connection with the servers of the social network concerned. Should the USER be connected to Facebook or another social network during their use, the social network concerned may directly link their visit to their user account.

The buttons and spaces displaying the network’s content may appear on the APPLICATION to create a more “social” experience. The content of these social modules come directly from the networks. When a Customer clicks on “Like”, “Fan” or forwards a comment by means of a social module, their activity is published on the network concerned and shown to their connections, who can see the module on the same site. The items you like can also appear on your profile (you can control this parameter in the basic information section). The APPLICATION may also contain buttons allowing the Customer to become a “Fan” of the Company’s Facebook or Instagram pages. All of this information will be sent to and registered on the server of the social network concerned.

The Company shall not be held responsible in terms of any use on the part of the Facebook Company, other social networks, or third parties that could arise from the “Like”, “Fan” and “Comment” buttons or their equivalents, in their current or future states.

Should the USER not want these social networks to form any links to the information collected via the APPLICATION, they may need to log out of their account prior to using the APPLICATION.

Storage of data

The Personal Data collected and recorded by the Company while the APPLICATION is being used is processed following principles pertaining to the protection of personal data.

All elements relating to Customer orders shall be stored and archived by the Company.

The Company may invoke, particularly for the purposes of proof, any act, file or recorded item via any media including on the IT medium directly or indirectly established, received or stored by the Company in a database.

The Company undertakes only to communicate this information on the demand of a duly authorised legal or administrative authority, or an entity associated with the State in which they are processed and/or stored.

The Company may also use the IP address to identify Customers who may have breached the provisions of these Terms and Conditions or may have harmed the Company. In this case, the Company shall have good reason to hand over connection data to the relevant authorities.

The Company shall also store all of the data collected in accordance with the legal and regulatory provisions in force in France.

The Data Protection Act

The processing of this Personal Data is subject to a declaration made with the French National Data Protection Authority (CNIL), number 1901610 v 0.

In accordance with Act 78-17 of 6 January 1978, amended, the CUSTOMER has the right to view, modify or delete any personal information that may have been collected by the Company.

These rights may be exercised by initiating contact through the following address: